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Part of the pleasure of working in Atenas is finding new friends from around the world...

Testimonials from many of my past clients

Andrew Partain.  No one and we mean no one spends as much time and effort to educate and counsel prospective buyers of residential real estate.  I did not mention the Atenas Costa Rica market because the description is for the whole market not Atenas specific.
I speak from being personally in the U.S. real estate business for more than 40 years.
Andrew guided us through seeing all factions of the market, including multiple locations and prices.
We became confident enough, after not finding the right fit in existing homes, to invest in a Hacienda Atenas lot and expect to be under construction this summer.
Thank you Andrew.


Houston, TX

We bought a home in  Atenas in 2016 and the selling realtor was Andrew Partain.  We consider Andrew a blessing. We use our home for personal use and also for rental.  He does such an awesome job. Anything needs fixing he is on top of it…he manages the property in our absence and  does an amazing job.  Also sometimes I must be pain of the year…as when I need anything or have any questions…he always answers and is so very pleasant.  Anyone considering buying in Costa Rica…I would highly recommend Andrew…and give his name out whenever I can…he is a great realtor who I truly believe goes above and beyond on the care of our home.


British Columbia, Canada

We enlisted Andrews services, four years ago, to find a house to buy in the Atenas area.  He was very informative about the properties available and was attentive to our preferences.  His knowledge of the area market and negotiation skills allowed us to purchase our house at a fair price.  We are pleased to recommend Andrew for your real estate needs.


Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

Hace ya un tiempo conocemos a Andrew Partain y siempre ha sido una persona sumamente respetuosa y servicial. Supo entender nuestra necesidad de inversión y nos expuso opciones de su cartera inmobiliaria que se ajustaban a nuestros requerimientos y presupuesto. Nos mantiene informados de los detalles importantes tanto de las propiedades como del comportamiento del mercado actual y se preocupa por el bienestar del comprador como también del vendedor del inmueble. En general da seguimiento a la negociación antes, durante y después de finiquitada. Como empresa nos sentimos ampliamente respaldados por su capacidad y profesionalismo.


Atenas, Costa Rica

"At first I was apprehensive about purchasing my first property in Costa Rica, however after having Andrew and RE/MAX navigate through several municipal and legal matters I was able to eventually reach my goal of acquiring the perfect property in Atenas and will soon be building my dream home in Atenas!"


Miami, FL

Andrew was my main point of contact at Re/Max when he I was considering a retirement home in or around Atenas.


He planned a schedule of visits to suitable homes over a couple of days and gave me a detailed and very honest idea of how life would be in Atenas and Costa Rica.


During the visit I decided to buy a plot of land near the centre of Atenas and design and build my own home, and a couple of weeks later Andrew showed me a huge number of lots in the area all of which could have been used for the project. The one I eventually selected had a superb view over the town of Atenas and the Central Valley and Andrew took the time to show me the lot during the daytime and during the evening when it was dark and the view transformed into a delightful array of coloured lights in the surrounding countryside.


Andrew agreed to be my power of attorney so that there would be no problems on signing contracts when I had returned home after my visit and the legal aspects of the purchase proceeded swiftly and without problems. The house was designed along with an excellent local architect and I moved into the new house the following year.


Andrew was a key factor in my reasons to move to Atenas and undertake the project. After talking with Andrew I felt that I had a good understanding of the risks and potential problems inherent in the project and the move to a new country. Now that I have been here for about four years I believe the information he gave me was given in a straightforward and honest manner.


London, England

Andrew worked hard at selling our house. He highlighted the unique features of the house to the many perspective buyers he brought. Andrew was very professional in setting up the appointment, showing the house and providing feedback afterwards. For your best chance of selling contact Andrew Partain.

Sam & Roxanne


Atenas, Costa Rica

Recurrimos mi esposo y yo a Andrew cuando estuvimos buscando un lote que comprar en Atenas. Nos entendimos perfectamente. Andrew supo cumplir nuestras expectativas con dedicación, honradez, iniciativa y efectividad. Descartamos su calidad personal, un trato cercano y acogedor que genera un clima perfecto. Recomendo a 100% los servicios de Andrew.


Atenas, Costa Rica

With Andrew’s assistance, my wife Dana and I purchased our beautiful home here in Atenas almost two years ago.  Although we had worked with other agents in the past, we found Andrew’s assistance to be second to none.  He was tireless in ferrying us around – and his local knowledge and attention to our needs – not to mention just being a great guy – made the experience of buying a home in Costa Rica easier than in the States!  In our absence, he arranged for an expert inspection that provided a very helpful report, coordinated with the local lawyer representing the seller – really just seamlessly took care everything for us, including a survey and appraisal that we wanted for applying for our residency.  We have come to know Andrew and his family well over the two years we have had our Atenas “dream” home and can honestly say he is a man of fine character, with deep roots and well-respected in the local Costa Rican community.  You won’t go wrong working with Andrew – we have authorized Andrew to give our email contact info to anyone who has any questions.  Pura Vida!  Dave and Dana Parker.


Austin, TX

I would have to say how responsive and very diligent Andrew is in his profession. I would also state what a great job you he did in negotiating on my behalf in the purchase of the property for Barons Resort. I would have also mentioned how he assisted and leased my property in Roca Verda for long periods of time. 


San Diego, CA

My wife and I met Andrew on our first trip to Costa Rica. An acquaintance of ours in Minnesota had recommended we contact him regarding finding a vacation rental to stay at while in Atenas. During our trip, we decided to browse a few properties. On short notice, Andrew made a portion of a day available to view a few places. Things fell through on our end that year but we contacted Andrew again the next year to resume our search. We looked at 20 properties over a two day period. Andrew was very communicative and active in scheduling all these showings. Being able to view so many properties really allowed us to narrow down exactly what we wanted and just as importantly what we wanted to stay away from. We found our dream home and viewed it a couple of more times on that trip. Over the next few months during closing, Andrew was critically important in helping with inspections, surveys and more on our behalf. Andrew and the team at Remax had everything in place for a professional closing which we did at their office. I can't say enough good things about Andrew and the work he put in for us.  Superb!


Mancato, MN

I first met Andrew when I came to Atenas looking for rentals.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a bilingual American so knowledgeable about all the available rentals in the area, as well as the landlords, neighbors and neighborhoods.  He was very honest and candid with what I could expect from each place we visited, and within a very short time helped me find me a wonderful rental where I lived happily until I began looking for a house to buy.  Andrew then worked hard to help me find a home, which often meant quite a bit of driving for him. Everywhere we went, he was greeted with waves and smiles, and I realized that he was liked and respected by Ticos and ex-pats alike.   Together with the team at ReMax, we found a nice home for me to purchase. They even helped me with the small details such as transferring the utility bill. When I later decided to sell my home, Andrew and his partner at Remax helped me do so in a record 30 days, which is unprecedented in Costa Rica where home sales can take months or even years. I found Andrew to be amiable, honest, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a rental, or purchasing a home in the Atenas area.



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